line 1: Incorrect Syntax near'`'

I have an Visual Basic 6 application, know it is ancient just do not have the time to convert right now to VS2010, with a data environment, "deFlanges16_5_150" and trying to open the recordset "rscomFlangeLongWeldNeck" with the coding line of "deFlanges16_5_150.comFlangeLongWeldNeck" when this error appears, Run-time '-2147467259 (80004005)': [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]line 1: Incorrect Syntax near'`'. The data environment is connecting to a ODBC. The VB6 is on a XP Prof machine and the databases resides on SBS 2003 with SQL Server, i think it is SQL 2000/V8 according to the about box. I may just mention i developed the application in 2001 and is running since 2002 at different client sites but utilizes MS Access database and became to large, now switching to SQL. Please help!


  • You might have a ' in your data and the ODBC doesn't like it. Worth a look.

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