Mis-Alignment Of Pages

Hi Gang

I'm using Kompozer and having difficulty with table insertions causing 'off center' syndrome, and a Mis-Alignment of other web pages.

I'm not an HTML editor, and fully realize this program is for beginners. Some of you may not agree with the HTML output, but I think I can definitely narrow the problem down to table size as the culprit. Kompozer is a 'WYSIWYG' and HTML editor. I've discovered that it's problematic when titling proper file extensions. So I've checked all that, and doubled checked file names properly. I can cleary see that when a table exceeds a certain length, (top to bottom), that's when it throws off 'centering'. Please see the larger table added to the 'Bio' page, and you can compare the differences. The longer table in the Bio page causes the pages to jump, and mis-align. And is clearly off center in the html page it was created in. Would appreciate any help in recognizing the problem.


Thanx again
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