What is the typical number of java statements run by a servlet?

I am writing some custom code to work with the product LongJump. It is a CRM. They have a Java api that let's you do some custom coding and you add/update/delete records thru their api that they wrote. It uses MVC architecture. Anyway, they have some governors built in. The maximum number of Java code statements that can be run during an execution interval is 10,000. The total size of all strings allocated in the Java heap space during an execution interval is 30,000.

Our code is not that big, but because of the amount of data we have a huge number of loops. For one save action from the front end I really end up creating around 300-400 new records in the database.

We are going over this limit and the system is throwing an error. I am trying to get an idea if the governors are reasonable or not. Any opinions?
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