quadratic equation

Hello, I need your help!!!
I have an assignment and i have to write a code in assembly(not in c++ with assembly commands).
I have to write a procedure to solve the quadratic equation
[b]Y=5*X^2-2*X+6 [/b]where the value of X is stored in AL and the result of this equation is returned in AX. To test this procedure I have to write a software driver that will send each X-input value to the procedure one at a timeand check for a match with the expected Y-output value each time. If all four tests pass, display the message "procedure passes", if any one test fails the error message "procedure fails" is output.

X values (0, 1, 10 ,100) Y values(6, 9, 486, 49806)
Please, heeeeelp!
Thank you in advance!!!
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