internet explorer does not download pdf

I'm working on a website in which a user enters a name and then presses a button that prompts the server to create a pdf file according to the information provided, and then sends the file to the user.

I'm testing the website on my laptop without IIS.

I needed the pdf to be hebrew and couldn't find a pdfwrite with vb on hebrew; instead, I create a MS Word document and then convert it to pdf using the code below.

This works fine on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but on Internet Explorer the page disconnects before the download. It disconnects when the create word statement is executed.

Can anyone help me?

[code] Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim strname As String
strname = TextBox1.Text.Trim

Dim oword As New word.Application
Dim odoc As New word.Document
oword = CreateObject("word.Application")

odoc = oword.Documents.Add("C:documents amp.dotx")

odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name1").Range.Text = strname
odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name2").Range.Text = strname
odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name3").Range.Text = strname
odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name4").Range.Text = strname
odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name5").Range.Text = strname
odoc.Bookmarks.Item("name6").Range.Text = strname

eshume.pdf"), 17)
end sub[/code]
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