Directx9 game programming

hello everybody

i'm a beginner C++ programmer i'm at chapter 4 of Thinking in C++ volume 1 - so far i understood everything including pointers, references, pointers to functions, arrays of pointers to functions. these last topics were a bit hard but it's ok. my goal is to start creating my own 2.5D / 3D games using the directx9 sdk... i only wrote 2 games in DevC++ using a modified graphics.h library but that was longer ago. last year i mean.. so anybody got advice? i want to make a game similar to conquer online with the same isometric perspective but it should be singleplayer. so could i write such a game before 1st of october? that's when i start the 2nd year in university. i'm asking because i looked on the samples which came with the directx sdk and i seen how complex they are.
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