Sort Text File lowest value to higest


I am new to C# and am very stuck with this particular task. I have been giving a task to create a game of sudoku which I have running and working.
The particular task that I am stuck with is the high score. I am able to write and read back in the text file which has a name, time and date field. What I want to do is sort the scores(times) in order so that the quickest time(lowest) is on top of the list when it loads in.

The code that I have so far only writes and reads in without sorting as follows:

private void btnAdd_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

//user input from 3 text boxes
names[numRecords] = tbName.Text;
time[numRecords] = tbTime.Text;
date[numRecords] = tbDate.Text;
// date[numRecords] = DateTime.Parse(tbDate.Text);

//save all records to text file

StreamWriter tw = new StreamWriter("storeData.txt", true);
for (int recordNum = 0; recordNum < numRecords; recordNum++)

/*write a line of text to the file
as commas are used to separate the data fields they cannot be allowed to
occurr in the data so replace them with alternative character */

time[recordNum] = time[recordNum].Replace(",", "~");
tw.WriteLine("{0}, {1}, {2}", names[recordNum], time[recordNum], date[recordNum]);
//close the stream


private void btnLoad_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

lblData.Visible = true;
string[] data; //string array
string input = null;
byte numRecordsRead = 0; //count number of records read
lblData.Text = ""; //clear display

//create reader and open file
TextReader tr = new StreamReader("storeData.txt", true);
//read line of text
while ((input = tr.ReadLine()) != null) //keep reading while another line exists
data = input.Split(',');//split from single string to array of strings

names[numRecordsRead] = data[0];
time[numRecordsRead] = data[1].Replace("~", ","); //undo the character swop
date[numRecordsRead] = data[2]; //convert from string to dateTime
// date[numRecordsRead] = DateTime.Parse(data[2]); //convert from string to dateTime

//output data to label
lblData.Text += names[numRecordsRead].PadLeft(20)
+ time[numRecordsRead].PadLeft(19)
+ date[numRecordsRead].PadLeft(26) + "
numRecordsRead++; //complete processing of record

}//while read

tr.Close(); //close the stream

//message to inform user about error
lblData.Text = "error in datafile";

Any help in sorting the data in order by lowest to highest time once it is loaded back in would be great. Thanks in advance!!


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