Need help in matlab system identification for mimo system.

given heater as the input and rel.humidity and temp. as the outputs.

To find this coefficients of this mimo system.This is my coding so far and i get confused .what should i find next?i also attached the .mat file .Please help me.May God bless you all. :)

[code]temp = A(:,1);rh = A(:,2); %temp % rh as the output
heater = A(:,3); %heater as the input
y =[temp rh];
u = heater;
trn_data_n = 100;
total_data_n = 218;
yn = dtrend(y);
un = dtrend(u);
ave_out = mean(y);
ave_in = mean(u);
T = 5; %minutes
hvac = iddata(yn,un,T);
hvac.InputName = {'Heater'};
hvac.OutputName = {'Temperature';'Rel.Humidity'};
plot(hvac(:,1,1)) % temp. vs. heater
plot(hvac(:,2,1)) % rh vs. heater
ms = step(hvac); % step responses
impulse(ms,'sd',3) % impulse response with confidence regions corresponding to 3 standard deviations
%state space model
mp = pem(hvac(1:trn_data_n)); % Use only the first half of the data for estimation:
A=mp.A; B=mp.B; C=mp.C; D=mp.D;
[nem, den]=ss2tf(A,B,C,D,1); %convert ss to transfer function
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