Urge for request of help with MSVC++ 2008 and OpenGL

Urge for request of help with MSVC++ 2008 and OpenGL

Hello everybody,
Please allow me first to thank you for letting me register on this forum , a friend of mine recommend it to me since I am in urgent need of help from somebody that knows Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and OpenGL notions.
It all started few years back when I did just 12 courses of C++ and OpenGL basic level programming - and at that time we did a simple static 2players Tic-Tac-Toe using MSVC++ 2005 and OpenGL functions and so.
Since then I have never used there things untill earlier last week when a 'mean a$$' proffesor told from m. degree to do a little project that will sadly (for me) be a 'must' to pass his class ;
I haven't done C++ or anything related since then , when I have done my last internship regarding this subject , and please ... I beg for some little help from experts like you are - I am also willing to learn but since the time for me is very short (in just 7 days I have to prezent this for my supervisor) I am requesting pro. help.

I will start to explain what he wanted from me and the project itself;
We have this MSVC++2008 Express Edition (for students-free to use; sadly we cannot use pro. enterprise etc versions) and we must use OpenGL libraries and so to build ourselves a 4 (four) wheel chassis that will actually move in a 3D environment ;
{ for example if we press Forward Key - all 4 wheels should moove forward and so on for Back Left and Right ; and W for wired'(view) }

I have managed myself to do just one single wheel with the help of another lessons website which I have found first that sadly does not have any forum to ask questions (nehe) and here it is what I have managed to do in 2 days (with really a lot of effort trying to remember all things how they worked and so on) .

[CODE]https://www.rapidshare.com/files/1252899458/wheel_on_road.rar[/CODE] (Size 1.7MB)

Also I have used as documentation just to find out some infos regarding the subject these following links :


The upper lines explained how the 4 wheels must synchronously move and look .
The second and final part of this is actually the application to let the user to load a .txt file with moovement commands like :

W W W - means forward forward forward
L - one left
R - one right
*(P.S. it is just an example ...I have no idea if this is correctly explained) .

Please , anybody who is willing to help , I really need some support since none of my colleagues got this assignment therefore I have nobody to ask , except persons that are experts like here .

Thank you very much for your time regarding reading this , and I wish you a good holiday and also I am looking forward into hearing a reply from everybody who is willing to help . Please

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