what first?

Hi all,

I regularly scan all my important docs, but my scanner simply creates a PDF with a generic name and dumps it in a folder by date. Because its a pain to rename and move the file manually after scanning it (with 3 kids running around), I just have a huge directory organized only by date, and with generally each PDF having the same filename.


I wish I could simply right click over the newly created PDF in windows explorer, choose a category like "bill" or "taxes" from a pre-defined list, then the program would open a small textfield so I can quickly rename the file before it moves it to the corresponding pre-defined directory based on the category I chose.

I am not new to programming, but have NO IDEA where I would begin doing a little program like this in windows, or even what language I would use to do it, or if its even possible :) I only have experience programming embedded language for 3D software applications, and google apps script.

Can anyone give an indication of where I should start? and possibly how difficult this would be to program? Is there even any software out there that could do this already?

Thanks! look forward to any replies.

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