How Do I create and manipulate shapes at run-time?

So I'v made an array of Tshape and used that to create many shapes at run-time. Now I want to change their positions, sizes ect. at runtime aswell - After creating them at run-time obviously.
More or less how i did it:

shp : Array[1..10] of Tshape;

procedure Btnclick
shp[x].left := SpinEdt.value;
shp[x].top := SpinEdt.value;
shp[x].parent := form1;
Now i want to do something like this:
procedure Btnchangeclick:
shp[x].left := OtherSpinEdt.value;
shp[x].top := Otherspinedt.value;
But the shape remains exactly the same, i cant manage to change it at all from the way i made it and i just know it has to be something simple!

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