There is No Reason For This Not to Work.

So, I'm self-teaching myself Java, for about three months now. For this program, I'm using objectdraw for the visual elements. Java and objectdraw are both latest versions. This program is a casting simulator in the style of Magicka, where you can combine elements. What I'm trying to have it do is display the spell type (AoE or bolt) first, and then two possible elements. ie; "A bolt of ice and water" or "An area attack of electricity and arcane power." However, it's displaying as "A bolt of and water.water and". This is because in onMousePress there is a series of ifs for each element. Java seems to be seeing the "second" boolean as true, though I know that it should be false by default, and I haven't declared it as true. This is really kicking my ass. Any help?

PS: Ignore the element1 and element2 Strings, they are for something later.
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