I tried before to post this, but everything seems to keep crashing. However I'll try again. Even the forum search is crashing, so I cant see if this has been done before.

I have writen a program that need to read and write files to the disk. But when I install the program (as an end user) The program crashes. I think this is due to Run as Administrator.

How do I get the program to be allowed to do that, or is StreamReader/Streamwriter just invalid and pointless functions.

I have installed loads of programs that write to disk, and I have never had to muck about with properties with them. IE Dreamweaver/Notepad++ they both write to the disk without any problem and I didn't have to muck around with priveleges to run them.

Oh hell Every time I post It tells me to log in.... I AM for gods sake.... Are these posting ???
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