New to assembly need help with temp converter


I just started taking my assembly language class for computer architecture and low level embedded systems. I am using code warrior to develop full chip simulations for the Dragon MCS912 board, here is my problem.

Write a program to convert the Fahrenheit temperature value stored in location labeled TdegF (use ORG $1100) to its Celsius equivalent. The range of temperatures is 32F to 350F. Store the converted temperature in location TdegC ($1110). Then modify to write a modular program as described above. All tasks are to be performed by subroutines (conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius, rounding and conversion to ASCII). Main contains only calls to these routines. The Fahrenheit temperature value stored in location TdegF should be converted to Celsius, with rounding after division, and stored as ASCII hex digits in the 4 locations at hexString.

If somebody could help me figure out how to start this it would be a huge help. Thank you!
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