i need help in programming

hello! could anyone please help me with a program because i need help in doing it. its actually due for friday and i need it before that date because i don't want to be penalized, it really means a lot to me.
this is what i need help in:

write a program to accept monthly information regarding demerits for each class. your program should assign each class category based on the average number of demerits. the program should also output a list of students who are near suspension or on the suspension list to be shown to the counselor.
categories are as follows. a: average less than 2 demerits per student.
b: average more than 2 but less than 4. c:average more than 4 but less than 6. d: average more than 6
the following must also be included for documentation to the solution. investigation, data dictionary, flowcharts, pseudocode/algorithm, decision tree/table and brief run through of program.
N.B loops,arrays or file storage techniwues, if then else should be used for the solution.

i'm sending an attachment with the information to assist you in making the program.

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