Downloading Unicode Text from txt file into excel collumn

'm trying to read Unicode from file correctly using VBA. However I managed read correctly only first string. Code:

Sub ReadTextFile()
Dim Buffer
Dim FSO As FileSystemObject
Dim FSOFile As TextStream
Dim FilePath As String
r = 1

FilePath = "C: ext.txt"

Set FSO = New FileSystemObject
If FSO.FileExists(FilePath) Then
Set FSOFile = FSO.OpenTextFile(FilePath, 1, False)
Buffer = vbNullString
Do While Not FSOFile.AtEndOfStream
Buffer = FSOFile.ReadLine()
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Cells(r, 1).Value = StrConv(Buffer, vbFromUnicode)
r = r + 1
MsgBox (FilePath & " does not exist")
End If
End Sub

I know it shouldn't be difficult but I'm trying second day without any progress. Does smb have any suggestions or solution?

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