Bluetooth Programming In C

Hello all,
i need some help from u.

My new project is on Bluetooth programming.for that i have [b]"Bluecontrol Evalution board with Bluecontrol"[/b]. See it from this link.

I had connect this Eval-board with RS232 to my PC (COM3-SPP Slave, COM5-BS config). So for Teraterm connection i m using COM3.

Another i have [b]"Bluetooth USB Dongle".[/b]This i had also connected with my Pc bcoz to give Bluetooth to my PC. See it from this link.

The task is i send one file from Bluecontrol to my PC (via Bluetooth). how can i do this? If anyone know then pls tell me the possible ways to perfome this task.

I m working with [b]Win-7.[/b]

I had experience for microcontroller programming, but first time i m doing Bluetooth programming, so may be i m going in wrong way.pls suggest me for this. I had read much in Internet, but still not getting the perfect way to go furture.

pls share ur ideas and suggestions for fulfil this task.

thanks in advance.
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