Please help in Matlab

I tried to call a function from a shared library and I get the following error

calllib('EnobioAPI','openDevice') ??? Error using ==> calllib Method was not found.

when I tried to view the function I got this error

libfunctionsview EnobioAPI ??? Error using ==> methodsview at 103 No library lib.EnobioAPI can be located or no methods for library

Error in ==> libfunctionsview at 39 methodsview(qcls, 'libfunctionsview');

I got this library from Enobio website, Enobio is EEG brain sensor. I contact Enobio support team asking them if this API support to work in matlab.. they said yes. I download the library using the following : loadlibrary EnobioAPI.dll Enobio.h... addheader EnobioAPI_global... addheader EnobioData... addheader IDataConsumer... addheader IDataProcessor ... addheader IDataProducer... addheader PData... addheader Property... addheader StatusData calllib('EnobioAPI','openDevice') I did not get any errors but I got some warnings

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