Asian characters in Forms title bar


I am developing a simple windows forms application and trying to set the Forms::Text property (title bar text) to a strig containing chinese characters.

The strange thing is that I have tested it on two different devices and it works on one of them but not the other.
The first one is ARM based with a screen resolution of 480x272, here the text looks ok. The other one is an x86 based one with a resolution of 1280x800, here all non chinese characters looks ok but not the chinese ones. They gets misrepresented, see picture here:

The configurations of the two devices is basically the same apart from the hardware. Both uses CE6, OS system font settings are the same in HKLM/System/GDI/SYSFNT (using Tahoma linked to SimHei font), and the C# project used is the same.

Anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?
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