memory issues

i am using octave which is an open source for matlab. in octave when i type x=nchoosek(1:4000,3);
this command is supossed to make maximum possible 3 number combination. everytime i write this octave is quitted automatically and I get message "Killed".

I am using a samsung laptop with specification 1.5 Ghz Intel core 2 duo with 2 GB RAM and 1.1 GB Swap memory. the operating system is ubuntu 9.10.

Now the question here is do I need to increase the swap memory? is it possible to increase swap memory? How can it be done in ubuntu 9.10.

the other question is there any range when loading a matrix in matlab. i was trying to load a matrix of size 4238 by 2664586 using libsvm library but everytime i get the same message "Killed" and everytime octave is quitted automatically back to terminal.

how can i solve these problems. any help in this regard will highly be appreciated.
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