Beginner in Embedded systems - need help

Hi all,

I am proficient in C and micro controllers to some extent. I am newbie to embedded systems. The thing I want to ask here is, I was asked by a resource person like this, to develop a resource monitoring system for an organization like, the details of the employee, his/her check-in and check out,etc., I was asked to answer as how to accomplish this in Embedded Systems using C.

Really I don't know where to begin. Help me out pals, give me an overview.

Thank you.


  • My best guess is that for these types of questions your answer must be a flow of knoe like first we compare the name of the emplyee to the names in the list then under each name the details are present. i would use file handling and have each emplyee's details in respective files ill compare the names or id's open the respective files etc. iam a beginner too hope this helps

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