Please help me guyz...!!

hello programmers,, i really2x need your help... please help me with my code, i dont know what to do with this because I'm just a newbie in programing.. please help me with my code, please check my code for errors. please3x....

My problem with this is that:

when you type S for search, it jumps to the search function but when you Enter your search it brings you back to the void main function.. and in... View function: it won't display the list of name you've recently added at the add function.. and back to the view function it only display the list of data you've added at the add function if you remove that increament such as the x++; but the program won't stop unless you press the ctrl+pausebreak.

here's the code of my program:


char name[5][20];
void main(){
char choice='';
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