Access 2003 and VB6

We receive a lot of products and perform some tests on these products. We generate report about lot of products. Report has two parts master and detail. Detail contains serial_no of products, quantity and result. Products can have results that are in table RESULTS_MT.
We need to count the TEST_REPORT_NO from table TEST_REPORTS_MT group by TEST_REPORT_DET.Result
There are 10 reports in total in TEST_REPORTS_MT table and count of them is as follows.
Qualified Fail R&D In Process Qualified & Fail Mix
3 2 2 1 2

The query should be simple and do not contain UNION as the query will be imported in data environment of VB6 as a view and will be used as data source of report.
My query named ResultSet1 outputs 17 reports whereas total 10 reports are present because it counts some record again. That
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