Need help with loop program

Here is the program directions :Design a program that asks the user for series of names (in no particular order). After the final person's name has been entered, the program should display the name that is first alphabetically and the name that is last alphabetically. For example, if the user enters the names Kristin, Joel, Beth, Zeb, and Chris, the program would display Adam and Zeb. Also the chart that I am supposed to follow is attached.
And here is the code that I've been going at for past 13 hrs. Please help me to figure it out. [code] Module Module1
Const MAX_Names = 6
Sub Main()
Dim name As String
Dim count As Integer
Dim highName as String
Dim lowName as String
count = 0
Do Until count = MAX_Names
Console.WriteLine("Enter the name: ")
name = Console.ReadLine

>>>>need some kind of condition that will test the names<<

count = count + 1

Console.Write("Low name is:" + highName + vbCrLf)
Console.Write("High name is:" + lowName + vbCrLf)

End Sub
End Module[/code]


  • ohh wow I apologize for spam ...glitched I guess
  • You can create an array, loop through the inputs and add the names to that array. Then your second block of code would sort the array. Finally the code needs to show the first and last item in that array.

    Take a look here for help on arrays in VB.NET

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