auto install driver for USB VCOM

I am playing with a development board having USB device. I am able to configure the board to detect on windows as vitual com port.
But this I achieved by giving the INF file path when windows detects new hardware. My board does not need a seperate driver as I am not embedding any protocol in my driver. So it can work with the stadanrd usbser.sys driver of windows. My INF file only specifies this part to windows.
What I would like to do is make my dev board to hold the INF file in its memory and when the board is connected through USB to a windows PC, it should install the driver (INF file in this case) automatically through my boards memory.
Is this sort of driver installation possible???
Since I am using standard windows driver usbser.sys which comes as standard driver with windows OS, can I directly specify the driver path somewhere without it needing the INF setup file?
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