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My name is Hans and are from Norway, 31 year old chemistry engineer.
I have recogniced a need for a service that if combined with facebook (this to reach out to big market with low costs) the income can be very lucrative. I do not wanna relieve anything about the service, need to sign a confidencial agreement, but if interested you can send me a mail to langsholt (a) gmail.com.

General such service exist for small companies etc but are not available for common people. Maybe because noone have recognised the market for this. But accessing facebook members the income potensial is huge even if just a small number uses the service, and the cashflow is lower (companies compared with individuals.

The service itself needs following:

- API payment gateaway (paypal, moneybookers eventually other).
- Developement of main service, general website framing for log in, profile, mail alerts, password recognition etc.
- Graphics and other to make service appealing.
- server that can handle the traffic.

What I am looking for is building a project team that can takes different parts:
- Project planning group that can help evolving the idea, recognise need for key personell etc. Divide up the project and delegate.
- Experienced programmers (1 -5); they receive main idea and can work out their part of the project mostly by they own. My experince is mostly by php and sql, but other languages as .net etc is okey. The important is that you can do what you say you can do. This so we not need to do get extra personell.
- developers that also can make the service to fit different mobile platforms.
- Marketing team (social networking etc and other that can help the facebook application to spread out.
- eventually other needed to make a service/webcompany succesful.

The aim are to make a group that will remain also after service is developed. This to maintain and envolve the service. So what I can offer is ownerships in the service/company. Company is not registered and will not be until we have something physical. During the developement we will also try to get investors.

Honest people are preferable.

Kindly regards

NB. With regards to API. If you have any views on how to amke payments between two people, but still company as third party, takes commission from the same transactions using paypal or other. Please tell me about that when sending your application. Its a + :)

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