Need partners to develope a promising service (API,facebook, mobile...

I have a idea for a service that not still has been done. Can not reveal details without a agreement where you promise not to share details with other or take use of the idea yourself.

The service itself is not new, but with regards to this "niche" market I want to develope it towards is new. Possible users (with regards to facebook)might be 50 millions +. The group of aim is between 16 and 30. If just one % uses the service the income can be very good.

- people to develope idea with and make a project description.
- programmers (program the service).
- Interface developers and graphics designers.
- Marketing staff.
- maintaince of customer support and other.

What to be programmed:
- webservice (php, sql, .net or other, prefer php though)
-website front end: webpage, facebook application, mobile application and other)
- Payment gateway API (paypal, money bookers etc). The challenge is to create a service where users can pay each other directly, but still our service takes their commission. Do not want user to pay us and we pay receiver, to much administration)
-Eventually other.

Please post a short CV of what youspecific can contribute with. Prefer experts in small areas rather than people than can do everything.

Kindly regards
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