Cannot open Excel File from VB2005 using SQL Server Stored Procedure

Hi, I need help!!!

I developed a program in VB 2005 which opens an Excel file using Interop, and I call it from an SQL Stored Procedure using xp_cmdshell. Everything works fine when I am working under Windows 2003 Server. The problem is when I try to call my program the same way, but under Windows 2008 Server. It throws an exception at the moment my programs tries to open the Excel file. I assumed it was an authentication issue, so I changed the login for the SQL Server Service to an administrator account, and I granted Full Control to Everybody over the folder where the Excel file resides, but the problem persists.

The error message says that the Excel file cannot be accessed because either the file is in use by another program (which it isn't) or the user doesn't have enough privileges.

Same problem happens under Windows 7.

I am using "Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library" in my Project.

By the way, I tried to run my program with a double click in windows explorer and it opened the Excel file with no problem. The problem is when I call my program from an SQL Server Stored Procedure using xp_cmdshell.

Any ideas?

Thanks in any advance for your help.

Giovanni @ Guatemala.
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