VS 2010 How to change the 2 words from the file using a button ?

So Im working on a program that shows this.


This is the code that I use two show the SA and PLATINUM from the file, they are not the only characters on the line, like this:

set username=sa
set password=platinum

code to show only those two words.

[CODE] Dim lines() As String = IO.File.ReadAllLines("C:NTMBackup1NTMBackup4.bat")
Dim userIndex As Integer = Array.FindIndex(lines, Function(s) s.Contains("utilizador"))
Dim psswrdIndex As Integer = Array.FindIndex(lines, Function(s) s.Contains("password"))

Me.txtusr.Text = lines(userIndex).Substring(lines(userIndex).IndexOf("="c)).Substring(1)
Me.txtpassowrd.Text = lines(psswrdIndex).Substring(lines(psswrdIndex).IndexOf("="c)).Substring(1)[/CODE]

What I want is to change the "sa" and "platinum" at the textboxes and then save them on the file, to looks like:

set username=something
set password=something
Thanks for help
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