Getting started, advice needed.


I feel this may be the right place to ask for some advice :)

Let me start out by saying that I am hoping to be able to do freelance programming , and work from home sometime in the future.

I graduated with a associates degree in computer science , and a bachelors in information systems in 2011. Right now I'm about to start for my masters in IT.
As it is I feel like I forgot most of what I learned , so I have been reviewing some programming at least. In college I had VB, html, assembly , C, Java and javascript. I had A's for all except C that was a B , so I did oke at least. But I havent' kept up learing and practicing so I lost a lot of what I learned.
I am not really sure how to get started , or where I should start to rev up what I learned .

I was thinking about reviewing xhtml/css and javascript for a starters, and then later at least java and C.
What else should I learn to be able to be a succesful programmer?

Please no negativity though, my self esteem is low enough as it is.
I'm sure I sound silly and amateur , but well live and learn.
Just advice only, thanks :)

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