Help with an Exit code in Delphi

Hi, I'm making a very simple program with check boxes and I want to the program to instantly close when the right combination of checkboxes are selected.

I tried using a code like that, using the property "checked"...

If Checkbox1.Checked := True and Checkbox5.Checked := True and Checkbox10.Checked := True and Checkbox12.Checked := True and Checkbox15.Checked := True then Exit;

But it's not working... It reject all the coding...

Please help me...


  • Sorry for double topic, they said an error had happenned so I tried again...

  • well, here are a few words about Exit, from the Delphi help:
    "Exits from the current procedure.
    If the current procedure is the main program, Exit causes the program to terminate."

    so in order to close the program, you should use the "Close" command,
    or use "Application.Terminate".

    and to make your "If" a little better:
    If (Checkbox1.Checked) and (Checkbox5.Checked) and (Checkbox10.Checked) and (Checkbox12.Checked) and (Checkbox15.Checked) then Close;

    or "then Application.Terminate;".

    you dont have to ask if it's True

    (sorry for my broken english)
  • The Exit code variable is the code returned by a terminating application to the invoker.The exit code value will be displayed in a dialog box if the error addr variable is non 0 when the program terminates.

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