Help with java code? Can't figure out how to find a specific space?

Here's the url for what I have:

Our homework is to convert a tweet to Leet. It also has to locate a hashtag if it is there, but if it is just a # with no words attached to it, it needs to be left alone. My code works perfectly for everything except that. If I type in, for example "This is a # sign that should be left alone," the program would spit back "Original tweet: This is a # sign that should be left alone. No hashtag found. X number of characters," but not convert the tweet to Leet.

My instructor said it was an issue with line 25, because the code will find the first space in the line input, not the first space after the hashtag. But I'm not sure how to rewrite it so that it will find only the first space after the hashtag.

That may not be the issue, I don't know.

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