info request - DOS based salon software problem

Am in need of help, or direction with a problem a client of mine has.

A bit about the software:
I maintain the computer system for a friends tanning salon business. The software she uses is a very old, DOS based, salon software (SunMate v4) from the late 1980's. In 1991, my client bought the software, and several months later, found out the creator was terminally ill. Before passing away, the creator posted the software onto a public domain bulletin board so anyone who wanted, could download and use the software FREE. That BB was taken down two years later, so the software and all support for it were lost.

The Problem:
A few days ago, my client inadvertantly hit a wrong key combo that reverted to software back into "Demo" mode. She could no longer start the software up. The error message given when trying to start the software is "SN# Mismatch (11083) ... (0) - Entering Demo Mode". When "Enter" is pressed, a second message is shown stating "Can be reset over Phone" - "Serial#: 0" - Code # 25747 .. Enter Reset Code". If a wrong Reset Code is entered, it shouts the software down. The "Code# XXXXX" displayed changes each time a startup of the software is done. The legal serial number for the software when my client bought it was the "11083" shown in the first error message. The "(0)" in that same message, I believe indicates the serial number had been deleted, to place it back into Demo mode. Unfortunately, the clients original floppy disks are not readable any longer, so a full reinstallation of the psoftware is not possible.

The help needed:
Would like to know if there is a way of determining where the original installation serial number should be located, and if it might be possible to re-enter the original serial number so the software can- become fully functional again.

I have got the software set so it can be run again, ... (even can run it from a flash drive), but am not able to get it to boot into the software on startup of the computer, as it should be able to do. Printing and/or burning records of the business activities is not functional as it is set up now. I really need to find a way to get the legal serial number reinstalled to get the ability to print and/or burn to CD as it was meant to do.

Am hoping this is an improper post to the forums, and someone may be able to get me headed in the right direction. Sorry for being so long winded.
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