Playing Multiple Wav Files Using Directsound without Delay

Hi, I need to play multiple wave files using directsound or any other method. My application is similar to this:, where i need to create beats. The problem is that when I play two or more sounds, there will be some delay between both files. The program provided in that link does not have any delays present when more than 1 file is played but I couldn't understand the coding since it is extremely difficult and im just a beginner. Is there a way to remove the delay completely? I am using the following method:

var dev = new Device();
dev.SetCooperativeLevel(this, CooperativeLevel.Priority);
MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(Sample1);
SecondaryBuffer sound = new SecondaryBuffer(@C:1.wav, dev);

var dev1 = new Device();
dev1.SetCooperativeLevel(this, CooperativeLevel.Priority);
MemoryStream ms1 = new MemoryStream(Sample2);
SecondaryBuffer sound1 = new SecondaryBuffer(@C:3.wav, dev1);

var dev2 = new Device();
dev2.SetCooperativeLevel(this, CooperativeLevel.Priority);
SecondaryBuffer sound2 = new SecondaryBuffer(@C:VEE Bassdrum 012.wav, dev2);

sound.Play(0, BufferPlayFlags.Default);
sound1.Play(0, BufferPlayFlags.Default);
sound2.Play(0, BufferPlayFlags.Default);

I also converted the wavefiles to streams and played them using memorystream but the delay is the same.

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