we search enthusiasts! Platform for SaaS.

Who are we? Square Cloud team - is a group of students, who want to create a new innovative product. We found a perspective niche on the Internet. Wdy do we think so? There is a global trend - transition to cloud computing. As a result a amount of information is growing rapidly. Soon it will be so much information, that it would be inconveniently to find and work with it. We are creating a platform, which will allow people to comfortably work with internet applications. Too difficult to understand? OK, in other words - we are creating Facebook for internet applications. We know it sounds too loud and bold, but this is our target!

Who do we need?
- PHP developer;
- Front-end developer (experience in developing RIA on Javascript).

Note! We enthusiasts and search people who can working at the same conditions.

You can write me - gena@square-cloud.com or watch more about vacancies on http://square-cloud.com/job/
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