Adobe Acrobat Batch Rename using JavaScript

I use Adobe Acrobat to OCR newly scanned files. I usually do hundreds of files at a time taking 8-100+ hours to OCR. I have been having problems with the program when I tell it to overwrite the existing file. It will run through 20 files or so then crash. I cannot tell what has been OCR-ed. To fix this problem I have been having the program save a new file by simply adding "ZZ " (Z, Z, Space) This stopped the program from crashing but now I have hundreds of files that need to have the (ZZ ) removed from the front of the file. I cannot find a batch sequence to rename the files but Acrobat will allow me to run a batch sequence written in JavaScript. I am simply trying to rename a folder full of files that are properly named with the exception of the first three digits which are "ZZ ". Can Anyone help with this. I have tried to figure it out but I'm having a hard time and am afraid it will take 10-20 hours for me to figure it out. I am willing to pay a few bucks for some help.


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