Open word doc inside webBrowser control on Win7 machine

My application is in VB.NET and environment is Window XP. We are using WebBrowser control to display data of Word doc files i.e. we are opening word files always inside the WebBrowser control and then modifying word file using bookmarks by VB code.Our VB code is perfectly working. We are doing following changes in window registry via VB.NET code for temporary basis:

updating BrowserFlags value to H80000024

updating EditFlags value to 65536

updating EditFlags value to 65536

updating BrowserFlags value to H80000024

updating EditFlags value to 65536

updating EditFlags value to 65536

Now we are migrating environment from WinXP to Win7. I have following query for Win7 environment :
We do not have rights to change registry on Win7 machine , so without changing values of BrowserFlags and EditFlags , how word docs files will always open inside webBrowser control on win7 machine? Currently I am getting popup dialog box (Open/save/Cancel) for word doc on win7 machine while running application.I am attaching it.

I want to avoid it.Please help me to find the solution.


  • How about creating Word reader to help open word doc inside webBrowser control? Or building a web-based Word viewer to open it online directly? Which one is much more convenient? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  • How about using a plugin in your web app? If this works for you, you can try aceoffix. You can open, edit, save a Word document with it directy.

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