how to calculate irregular shape area



  • i am using "Black_pixel_count=length(find(Image==0))" this coding to find the "reference Object Length In Pixels"..the full coding i am using "reference Object Length In Pixels = Black_pixel_count=length(find(Image==0)) + white_pixel_count=length(find(Image==0))". it is possible i am using this coding?
  • You have to segment the reference object such as the object you want to calculate the area, with one of the techniques cited above (as usual, it depends on the characteristics of the reference object).
    Then, you obtain a black and white image with only the reference object (reference object in white, other pixels in black) and mesure the length of the object (not the number of white pixels, that is the area of the object).
  • I can't understand your last post.
    The number of black pixel in a black and white image is the number of pixels of the image minus the number of white pixels.
    I can't understand why you want to count the number of black pixels.
  • i do like that to get the total of the pixel in that image for the reference value as the "reference Object Length In Pixels" because i don't know how to get it other than using your example code "imdistline".
  • The length of the image is the number of rows:
    The height of the image is the number of cols:
    The area in pixels is length*height (because it is a rectangle).
  • can you give your email?then i will sent to you exactly what i really mean about my project.i do not understand about the previous coding. size(image,1) and size(image,2)

  • Send me a private message on this forum.
  • how can i go to private message?
  • how can i using imdistline coding?
  • can u send to private message to me first?i cannot send it to you.
  • Ok, check your programmersheaven mailbox. On the top right of the programmersheaven page, on "my mailbox".
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