Copy file to folders found in search results using a batch file

I'm just wondering if anybody could help me out here. I've been trying to work this out for the last day!
Basically, I need to copy a file "LogMeIn.url" which is currently on the desktop to the Quick Launch toolbar for All Users using a batch file.
There is no Quick Launch folder in All Users and by the looks of it there is no easy way of doing it.
Therefore, I've created a batch file which at the moment finds all the folders with "Quick Search in the title.
Currently the code is:

dir /ad /b /s | findstr ""

However I was wondering if once you have obtained the search results whether there is a way of then copying a file to each of folders that have been found in the search results?

If you guys have any thoughts about this or if there is a much easier way of doing this please give me a shout. I will be extremely grateful :D !
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