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I have a pc set up in my greenhouse that has a controller connected to it via the com port. I use Teraterm to view the data and change it. Teraterm has a feature that will log anything so I can write to a space delimited text file the data coming from this board. In the software on the board I can have this updated every minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and up. I basically get temperatures, relays that are open or closed and a date stamp. I could just log into the network from any pc to view this data but want to make a webpage that will give me more information.

I need a way to dynamically update a webpage and read this log file so I can have more information becasue there are 8 temperature sensors and 4 relays I want more details than just 8 temperatures in a row and not remembering what they are and where they are in the greenhouse. I will also use a color background for each temperature so I visually can see green is a go and yellow is a warning I am getting close to red not so good and I have problems.

I would also like to use a text message/email setup when something goes to yellow and red so I can be notified and get out there and do something about it. The web page will be for me to see whats going on anywhere and message system to fix things with a helper. I will be putting 3 more controllers on the PC so once I do the first one it should be easy on the next.

Would PHP be the way to go to do this? I have dabbled with PERL and JAVASCRIPT a long time ago. I have heard about Ajax but do not know anything about it.


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