plz help me in my data structures project by java codes


plz I wanna help in data strucures using java codes

I have this projects
and I must do one of them in this time

can u help me plllllz::



Data Structures and
Algorithms Projects

you will use Java interfaces, classes and graphical layouts.


1- Write a working java program that implements your solution to project problem using one of the data structures. You are supposed to use Java swing package to make your program user friendly.
2- Submit a simple report (3-5 pages) that contains:
a. A small introduction about the project problem. b. Description of your solution.
c. Reasons of choosing the data structure you used.
d. Running time of your solution.
3-You are supposed to use one of the following data structures: stacks, queues, double-ended queues, linked lists, sequences, lists, trees and graphs.

Submitting Guidelines

1- A softcopy of the program is delivered on a CD.
2- Any late submitting will have lower marks.
3- Prepare yourself to a discussion in the details of your project.
4- Copy projects will be graded to ZERO.

Suggested Projects

1-Write a program for grocery store checker. The program should list items in the store allowing the clerk or the customer to choose some items and calculate the price. The program should have the capability of adding a new item, deleting, modifying item price
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