Omega7 Seeking

Hey, all.

I've been working on small 2d games for awhile now, and have been dabbling a bit into 3d work, although for the demo I'd like to find a more UDK savvy programmer than I, as my skills are limited.

I've written a demo idea for a game, as well as posted on many forums seeking people interested in working on the project.

The major goals are build a team, community build, work on the demo, seek funding through various means such as GoGoIndie, and possibly grants, and work on the entire game.

I understand it's a big idea, and a big project, but I'm determined to make it work regardless of what some people have thought. I've posted the game idea on a number of forums,and have been trying hard to rally a team.

I've been working on projects for awhile, and have had a dream of being in the game dev industry for a long time. I'm hoping maybe like minded people would like to get together, and work on the game. If you like the idea let me know.

At the moment I'm looking for writers, artists (concept), and modelers. I encourage anyone who might be interested to read my posts on the forum. I'm very dedicated to the idea, despite what some people may feel is possible.

I've also posted on UDK forum,SAGD, and 3D buzz. I'm going to be looking for concept artists on another forum.

I'll also need a programmer in the future, so if you're good with the UDK, or another engine that would be suitable for the project let me know :)

The game is a first person shooter, set in space. Earth has become a wasteland, and omega have been exploring space for a new planet. What they discovered was the galaxy was at war with cyborg race infected with a virus.

There's much more. I have the entire demo nearly outlined, and have been filling in the game play. If you think you might be interested in contributing in any way let me know.

I can't post the outline here because it has mature content, but I'll share it with anyone that might be interested in working on the game.
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