Uploading Csv and inserting to Database

Im new to this and Im creating a asp.net website that will allow you to upload a csv file to a specified folder in the site and the contents of the csv file will be inserted into a table called product_backlog on sql server. Below is the following names and data types that are in the product_backlog table:

UserStoryID int
UserStoryPriority int
UserStory varchar(MAX)
UserStoryEstimate varchar(50)
ProjectName varchar(50)

The file must only be .csv format and the contents of the file must be inserted into the product_backlog table, also the filename of the csv file may be different each time it is uploaded.

UserStoryID is auto incremented so each new userstory inserted it will go up by 1, and also UserStoryID and ProjectName are primary keys.

I have no idea at all how to attempt this, i need the code for the .VB part of the page and dont know how to start or what to write. Does anybody have any code that would do this for me, or that would help me????

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