irritaiting type mistmatch

hy there!
i would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction with this error
i have a type mistamatch at the bottom of the program ,more exactly at
[italic]"secventa(m,secv,valori) "[/italic]
the thing is usually i see this kind of errors and i understand them and i know where it should be fixed but somehow in this case i really dont see it

i had an exercise at school where i was asked to make a program wich will read asequence of sequences ended by 0 and the sequence itself by the empty seq.[italic]( ex input: 12,3,4,0,5,6,0,1,11,5,0,0->output:
12 3 4
5 6
1 11 5)[/italic]and for every sub sequence[italic](like 12 3 4)[/italic] i have to display the longest series of numbers in a row with some kind of propriety (like all numbers should be even or odd and so on,but in my case it was that every 2 numbers in a row* should have at lest 2 figures in common [italic](for ex: 1234 and 24 meet the condition given but 1234 and 48 do not)[/italic]
and then to display the set of values of the numbers previously displayed.
i have attached a document with the .pas code
please someone check it out ^^

(*)with every 2 numbers in a row i mean: if i have the series wich is displayed :a,b,c,d,e,f,g then [a,b];[b,c];[c,d]..and so on will meet the condition given

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