Is HTML5 a game changer for Mobile Apps?

Here is my quick perspective on how HTML5 may change things in the Mobility space, last few years have been all about native apps and of late we have been hearing a lot about Mobile Web apps built using HTML5 and how it is going to transform the world of apps. (For the purpose of this blog, whenever I refer to HTML5 it means HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript)

So let us start with this question, why consumers like Native apps so much.

Look and feel of the apps
Application Performance
Device Level Features (Camera, Geo-location, Accelerometer etc)
Access to resources (Contacts, Calendar and Files)
2D/3D Graphics Libraries (leverage hardware acceleration)
Touch events and Gestures

Pain points on the Native app side

App Store Approval Process
Upgrade Process
Revenue Sharing with Platform Vendors
No Cross Platform Support
Learning Curve
Cost of development and Maintenance

What if I tell you, you can get all of these native app benefits and also overcome all the pains points using mobile Web apps, wouldn't that be exciting? I believe your answer would be an absolute


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