Just released my Managed DirectX layer


My name is Onur Er. Today, I have released my very own Managed DirectX layer which I was working on for 2 years. I am very excited and I wanted to share it with the community.

I was using SlimDX but at some point, it didn't satisfy me. Because they have implemented their wrapper library in a very managed structure. They implemented their own logic, functions and parameters. It doesn't match DirectX SDK documentation directly.
My wrapper library preserves the original structure of DirectX. All interface, function, parameter names are mostly identical to DirectX SDK. Most of the structs are directly mapped to C++ structs in memory. So, there is no need to move data blocks between managed and native structs before and after calling DX functions. That brings huge performance improvement.

I have also implemented DXUT utility library and 3D samples/tutorials in C# language. They are translated from original Microsoft C++ source to C# easily by the help of my Xtro.MDX wrapper library.

You can read detailed information from here : http://managed-directx.googlecode.com

There are two rar files in download section. One includes 32 and 64 bit binaries only. The other rar includes complete visual studio 2010 solution including source code, utility library, samples and tutorials.

I would like to hear your comments. My email is onurer@gmail.com


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