assambly matrix program

Hello. I had a task to write a program which finds minimal elements in each matrix column. I kinda wrote program, but when i check results they are kinda different.

[code].model tiny
Org 100h
Jmp Short Start
N Equ 2
M Equ 3
Matrix DW 1, 7, 3 ; 2 elementi diapazon? [Min, Max]
DW 4, 5, 6 ; 3 elementi diapazon? [Min, Max]
Vector DW M Dup (?)
S Equ Type Matrix
Xor Bx, Bx
Mov Cx, M
Lea Di, Vector
Cols: Push Cx
Mov Cx, N
Xor Si, Si
Xor Ax, Ax
Xor Dx, Dx
Mov Ax , Matrix[Bx][Si]

Cmp Matrix[Bx][Si], Ax
Jg False
Mov Ax, Matrix[Bx][Si]

Add Si, S*M
Loop Rows
Mov [Di], Ax
Add Bx, S
Add Di, S
Pop Cx
Loop Cols
Xor Bx, Bx
Mov Cx, M
Print: Mov Ax, Vector[Bx]
Add Bx, S
Loop Print

.exit 0

Could someone point out or help me correct my mistakes?
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