[MMO] AoD LF Volunteers

[b]Team name: [/b]

Unknown Planes Inc. (Just starting out)

[b]Project name:[/b]
Age of Deities, previously known as Law vs. Chaos

[b]Brief description:[/b]
In this upcoming MMO or multiplayer game based in medieval/fantasy times, based in a realm with three planes. These planes consist of the two mortal planes and the gods plane, on the gods plane the gods of the realm rule with honor and glory to there loyal mortal beings. Though the God of Magic became bored with the daily duties of keeping the mortals happy, he soon started practicing an old magic banished by his own brothers rule. After countless trials and errors with this new passion for the banished art he finally mastered many savage spells, still new to the art, he yearned for more experiments and soon found himself at the final battle between man and dragons. Testing his abilities he began to practice and chant his new found spells and to see how great the new magic may be, to bring back the last dragon and renew the great rule of the mighty beasts. His brothers feeling a great flux in the realm soon became distressed, searching for there brother they soon found his demonic creations within his own rule. The brothers uniting and forging what they could for there mortals so one day they could fight back knowing this experiment may be the last they see of there realm.
As the God of Magic came to an end to his experiment the surrounding areas became fluxed, ground tearing from the earth, and the light of the plane began to darken. Soon the god couldn't stand the power of the spell and was devoured by the power. The experiment succeeded but not just for the dragons or the god of magic, a new creation was made and soon arose from the ashes of the now scorched lands, the dragonian. But this is not all of the effects, the magic brought another figure, wearing black and as if a ghost walked through the land a diety born from the essence of the god of magic an evil being in which would soon rule over this mortal plane.
With the death and removal of the god of magic the brothers became weak, together they are strong the three of four brothers must be whole, now they slowly faded out of there realm to become single souls no longer to rule over a realm. Leaving the realm godless and helpless to this new terror the god of magic unleashed upon it. All the planes felt this distress and quickly took up arms to defend there mighty planes. With this another deity came forth to upfront this new evil and face it to free the mortal plane, only to be slowly banished to his own plane. Now both planes divided by there own rule and by there own faith Law and Chaos shall fight for the rightful throne in the Gods Realm.

/CURRENTLY IN CONCEPT STAGEmoving into designing stage soon

[b]Target aim:[/b]
Freeware, with possibility of retail depending on how we believe the game will do later. (More of experience to be gained.)

As said freeware, compensation will likely be shared if we plan on releasing the game for retail or monthly payments.

Hero Engine using C, C++
Google Sketchup
3Ds Max
(Not limited to these programs. Contact with what you use.)

[b]Talent needed:[/b]
Concept Character Artist
Concept Enviromental Artist
3D Animation Designer
3D Level Designer
C, C++ Programmer
Sound/ Music

[b]Team structure:[/b]
Programming: Brian Gray[me]
3D Art: Jake Overall, Chris Bonner
Concept Art: Laine Uruquhart, Magra

Currently WIP, shutdown since we had some downtime but its located at http://www.AgeofDeities.net

Programmers/ Concept Artists contact me @ BrianG.Sk8@gmail.com
3D Artists contact our Lead 3D Artist @ joverall22@gmail.com
[b]Previous Work by Team:[/b]
Mostly concept art which will be listed below, as for 1-2 random test 3d models.

[b]Additional Info:[/b]
The game will have a typical two world system set up, no class/job options but the ability to mix skills and ability to reset skills will be possible, with a price most likely. Builds will be suggested at start up. PvP will be enabled in certain areas especially the Gods Realm. The game will be very team/guild/clan oriented as well as the possibility to take over castles/ towns/ villages.

Any feedback is accepted but keep negative comments to a minimum or word it nicely, thanks.
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