Unknown Planes Inc.

We're a newer company kinda just starting up but we're working on a game called [italic]Age of Deities[/italic].

[b]Game Info:[/b]
Two Worlds, or Planes, with one Gods Plane(War zone)
Deities rule the Realm fighting between each other as Law and Chaos.
Pick which side you will rule on, and help your deity to win over the Realm.
Games still in concept stage but will be flying into level design stage shortly and we want to start working on scripts and programming the core of the game with abilities systems, leveling, and more.

Looking for a few Programmer's to begin work on AoD,

we are using the [b]Hero Engine[/b] game creator as our game engine and we can set up the account the programs are in the engine so won't need anything but what you know in programming. Mostly C and C++ is the language in hero engine.

This is a VOLUNTARY position so if your looking for a paid position i'm unfortunate to tell you we're not profiting from our creation YET. But we hope to make sales and such. Please email me at BrianG.Sk8@Gmail.com
if you are interested in working with and look forward to having you with us.
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