Using Visual Basic within excel for iteration of f(x)

Hi there hoping someone can give me some pointers, as sadly my teacher gave us very little to go on, never used developer VBA within excel before last week.
I have been instructed to enable developer on excel, click on VBA, click insert , 'module', which pops up a window, enter a function into the window... 'type in' ........
function g(x)[enter], 'then type in' g = 'some equation of x' [enter]
then goto excel make a header of
x(n) g(n) error
='some value of x' =g(x)
=B3 =g(A4) =ABS(A4-A3)

My problem is that I constantly get crashes, and loose data where the excel states NAME PROBLEM, Ive tried to get a beginers guide on web no job, just ordered some books to help...

for now can anone tell me is there a way to declare a formula and relate it to a cell within excel, thereby avoiding using 'rem or ' ' at the beginng of a line.. I found the following code...
Set myRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:C10")
and wondered is this the key to my quest.
please can someone tell me how could I do this if what I require is possible..

The main use I need for the formula, is to reuse the formula on a variety of iterations of f(x).
Id like to create 3 versions of x for each f(x), and have the 3 calculations on the same page..
many thanks
Elwarsi :-)

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